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“The Golden Revolution”

“A Return to the Dinar and Dirham”


The Islamic Banking and Finance Event is an annual, and in some cases semi-annual, event that is organized by Multimedia University’s business students who are majoring in Banking and Finance; the event is considered part of every Islamic Banking student’s total assessment. The event has been a driving force at enlightening the students as to how today’s banking system is not all as it appears to be, and that in fact there is a better and more just financial system, i.e. following the methods of Islamic Banking and Finance.

The rationale behind the organization of the Islamic Banking and Finance Event is to educate the student body and also the community about how the conventional financial system has been designed to fail, and benefit only a handful of individuals. The event will also be designed in a way that will expose the people to how modern day fiat money is at the root of this problem, and how returning back to a gold and silver currency is the simple solution to a problem many choose not to recognize.

The program has been rather successful at revealing the harsh reality of the financial system that we live in and how bankers are allowed to create money out of thin air and eventually have the public succumb to debt slavery. We hope to follow in the footsteps of previous students and we are also certain that, with the guidance of Mr. Abdul Halim, we will be successful in our endeavors.

Objectives of the Program

1. To educate the community on the unjust financial system that we live in today
  • In order for us to have the public believe in Islamic Finance, we believe it is important for us to first reveal how today’s interest based banking system has been designed to keep us in debt.

2. To show how interest-based banking is the ultimate cause of, the ever-so dreaded, Inflation
  • In addition to the above mentioned point, we would also emphasize that although governments attempt to curb inflation, it is the very existence of paper currency that is the fertile land through which inflation grows. We would direct to the public how interest-based banking and finance and paper currency are closely related and in order to solve this problem, they both have to be eliminated altogether.

3. Explain and illustrate how the problems created by fiat money and the interest-based banking can be easily solved by using gold and silver as currency
  • Last of all, we would then naturally explain to our audience how by simply using gold and silver as currency, as in the days of the Dinar and the Dirham, we would have the key to free us from the shackles that is today’s financial system.

Event Theme


At the outset, the theme represents how in order to liberate ourselves from today’s debt soaked planet, we would need to completely overhaul the conventional financial system, we would need to rebel against the current banking system and also start using a form of money that has its own intrinsic value and is accepted worldwide, we need to build an uprising and upheaval as to how mankind has managed to succeed and conceive so many ideas yet, strangely, we choose to live in a society immersed in debt; what we need is a revolution.

The ‘golden’ aspect of the theme symbolizes the golden dinar and how we need to start using gold and silver to conduct transactions and trade, and how the use of this form of money will ultimately lead to economic justice. We assert that it would lead to ‘economic justice’ for the reason that today’s interest-based financial system that uses fiat currency benefits only a handful of people who grow richer at the expense of the hard working public.

Program Description

1. Opening Ceremony To commemorate the commencement of the event, we will have an opening ceremony that would most likely include a performance from one of the cultural societies in Multimedia University, or we will hire professionals to perform for the opening ceremony. After the performance we would, in all probability, be exposing to the audience a video presentation of what the event is about so as to instill as much awareness in the spectators as possible.

2. Exhibition and Promotions We will be conducting an exhibition in which we would have the audience visit the exhibit and read supplementary information about the unreasonable financial arrangement, and how the Dinar and Dirham can unshackle us from this system. The exhibition can also be participated by invited organizations and/or parties. These organizations can also demonstrate and make their own performances so as to educate the public on the use of Gold and Silver as currency.

3. Competitions and Activities In addition to the above stated points, the exhibition will also consist of the activities, games, and also competitions for visiting families with their children. The event, in addition to instilling awareness, can also be ceremonious in manner so as to be family friendly.

4. Forum/Talk In addition to the exhibition, moreover we would be inviting special guest speakers who are experienced in the world of finance and banking, as we believe that the public needs to listen from knowledgeable individuals about how our world needs the dinar and dirham and how it would lead to liberation and eventually to a just system.


To put it briefly, the aim of the event is to edify and educate the public regarding the fact that the nation and the rest of the world work in a system that was designed to eat away the value of their money and keep them in debt. We aim to show the community that a complete change in the financial system is necessary in order for us to have the kind of fairness that people deserve and ought to have; and the answer to the above mentioned problem is a return to a gold and silver currency, namely the Golden Dinar and Silver Dirham. We believe we can achieve our objectives, and with adequate support, we are certain we will accomplish them.



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    I like Dinar.and its revaluation of currency.